Time & Attendance


While most systems provide 75% of the functionality your business requires, it is the ability to deliver 100% that sets Time and Attendance Solutions in a class of its own.


  • With Time and Attendance Solutions you can rest assured your payroll runs will be smooth and accurate.
  • Time and Attendance Solutions provides real-time data whether it’s the wage clerk doing a payroll run or the CEO checking on productivity, the system is rich with information that’s right at your fingertips.
  • For any company that is looking to improve productivity, save time and save money, Time and Attendance Solutions should be first on its wish list.
  • The beauty in the design of the software is that it scales from businesses with a handful of employees to big corporations.
  • Software costs are carefully managed to make it affordable for any type of business, big or small.

Look & Feel


Eco Time has a sleek, modern look

and feel. Quick navigation, dashboards

and a comprehensive reporting

engine that delivers a workforce management solution 

second to none.

User-Friendly Software


The most powerful, feature-rich, user-friendly Time and Attendance software available on the market today. The software is also scalable & customisable to your business requirements and backed by free helpdesk support.

Manage your Workforce


Eco Time provides a single platform to effectively manage your workforce with 

Time and Attendance,

Access Control,

Labour Costing, HR and

and Leave Management.

Time and Attendance Features

Employee Leave Calendar

Employee Leave Planner

Employee Daily Hours

Employee Daily Roster

Built-in Wizard Mode