"The Smartclock was very easy to install and use. The onboard software is rich in features. We have saved lots of time and money since we installaed our Smartclock." 

Smartest Time Clock
The Smartclock is the world's smartest time clock for Time and Attendance. It has powerful onboard software at a once-off cost - no annual licence fees are payable. 
The Smartclock is easy to installeasy to use and only requires a network or internet connection to manage the built-in web interface. 
The Smartclock is so versatile that it can be used in your front office or is robust enough to be installed in harsh factory environments. 

Smartclock Features & Benefits

The Smartclock records employee time, attendance and leave. It also allows you to add, change or remove employees, clockings, leave and view daily/payroll hours.
The Smartclock supports Proximity Cards, Keypad Pins or Fingerprints. Your clocking methods can be mixed on the same clock, giving you greater flexibility.
The Smartclock integrates with and supports Access Control, a siren or a bell. It is designed for the South African market and carries a full 12 month warranty.
The Smartclock allows you to manage your employee absenteeism. Shift features also include overtime balancing, rounding, sick leave, annual leave and flexi-time.
All screens within the software can be printed, downloaded or emailed. The Smartclock also exports data to excel and integrates with payroll.


The easy to use Smartclock Software allows you to access valuable, real-time information that gives you a comprehensive and detailed overview of how your employees’ time is being spent.

Browse Employees

Employee Clocking Screen

Employee Daily Hours

Employee Update Screen

Weekly Hours


Choose from 3 different Smartclock options, all of which have been locally developed and produced. The Smartclock has been designed for the South African market and carries a full 12 month warranty.

CS TimeClock 3350

CS TimeClock 3370L

CS TimeClock MK4

The Smartclock is also available for lease! Rental options have no minimum contract length. And no exit costs.

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