Palm Scanners

 What is Palm Scanning Biometrics?


Biometrics is the technical term for biological measurements and/or the calculation of physical characteristics. In simple terms, biometric identifiers are unique to each individual and act as a unique “label” for that individual. Some of these identifiers include fingerprints, palm prints, facial features, eye retinas, DNA etc.


Palm Scanning uses the same process to scan an individual’s biometrics as fingerprint scanners. The only difference is that palm scanners scan a palm print instead of a fingerprint. Our palm scanning hardware also offers multibiometric identification (palm scanning & fingerprint scanning in one unit) for Time & Attendance as well as Access Control.


Palm patterns are also unique and stable over a lifetime and therefore an ideal method for identifying employees across a wide range of demographics. Palm scanning is also seen as a more hygienic alternative as the authentication does not require contact.

Palm Scanners

ECO PS-160


Fingerprint Templates: 3,000
Palm Templates: 600
RFID Cards: 10,000
Transactions: 100,000
Interfaces 3rd Party Access Control: ✔
Select Direction: ✔