Face ID

 What is Face ID/Biometrics?


Biometrics is the technical term for biological measurements and/or the calculation of physical characteristics. In simple terms, biometric identifiers are unique to each individual and act as a unique “label” for that individual. Some of these identifiers include fingerprints, palm prints, facial features, eye retinas, DNA etc.


Facial recognition is completely contactless and is considered the most hygienic biometric option. When the required conditions are met, the authenticating process is also quick and efficient.


Because facial templates cannot be duplicated, this is also a very secure means of verification for Time & Attendance as well as Access Control.

Facial Identification Readers

Hanvon F710X


Face Templates: 3,000
Palm Templates: 0
RFID Cards: 10,000
Transactions: 200,000
Interfaces 3rd Party Access Control: ✔
Select Direction: ✖