Cloud Solutions

An affordable CLOUD solution for your business!

Eco Time software and webserver can be installed on a server based “in the cloud” which is managed by CapeSoft.


With the software based in the cloud, managing time and attendance can be accomplished from any PC connected to the internet, through a web browser like FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari (to name a few).


Eco Time supported Time Clocks are connected to the software hosted in the cloud.


Access software from anywhere

Improved remote support with direct access to cloud server

Easy & quick deployment of software

Highest levels of security and virus and malware protection

Flexible solutions with scalable upgrades

Automatic server backups & updates

No requirement for onsite software support as the server is hosted in the cloud

Decreased upfront capital expenditure. Eco Time software is not bought outright, but rented per month

Less dependency on local IT infrastructure