Access Control

Control, Restrict, Monitor

Secure Access Control is a high priority for business owners. Our integrated Access Control software prevents unauthorised access to your premises and/or areas within your premises.


Eco Time saves the customer time and money by integrating Time and Attendance and Access Control hardware and software in one package.


Effective access control for both employees and visitors

Prevent stock shrinkage and theft by securing access to stock areas

Only allow access to certain areas per employee or visitor

Prevent buddy clocking

Force employees to clock for time and attendance before they can leave the premises

Highlight delays between access points and clocking points

Monitor and control breaks

Area status window displays staff’s and or visitors’ current access area in real-time mode

Anti pass-back


Access allowed/restricted according to time of day or night

Assign master key (tag or fingerprint) to authorised employee to lock or open premises or area

Comprehensive reporting on employee and visitor movements

Integrated database for Time and Attendance and Access Control eliminates duplicating work