Explore the Smartclock, view the Youtube demonstration video or take a Hardware and Software tour of the Smartclock

Live Smartclock


To view a demo, click on this link


You will be presented with a logon screen. Type “9970” for login and “password” for password.


From the menu on the left, click on the “clockings” link and in the fields on top of the page enter a “from date” and a “to date”. You can now see what actual clocking data looks like on the Smartclock.


If you would like assistance with this demonstration please call us on the number listed on the Contact page.

Youtube Video


To view the YOUTUBE VIDEO demonstration click on this link alternatively you can watch the video from this page.
Note that the demo refers to the CSTimeclock. This is the international brand name for the Smartclock and is exactly the same clock.



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