The SMARTCLOCK has enabled us to have automated time collection in all depotsnationwide and manage it all fromhead office. It has reduced our payroll processingcost by 8 % and improved accuracy by about 15 percent.We used to have a card system. The SMARTCLOCK has improved our whole payroll system but making it more simple and consistent.

Mike Thiraviam
Financial Accountant
M3 Logistics Pty Ltd
The SMARTCLOCK has assisted us with moving forward with technology in our
business taking us away from our manual ‘paper’ clock system.The SMARTCLOCK has made life a lot easier with our employee time collection. We no
longer have to collect paper sheets from all the employees. It is very easy to just
print all the sheets from one location and not have to worry about anything getting lost.The thing we like most about the SMARTCLOCK is being able to check at the click of
a button who is clocked in and who is clocked out. This makes life much easier.
Christie Davidson
Permark Cabinets & Commercial Joinery
The SMARTCLOCK has been very helpful.It has been a huge timesaver as we no longer need to calculate hours manually. It also has been a money saver, our employees now get paid for what they work not for what they incorrectly wrote on their timesheets.There have been no complaints from the guys using the SMARTCLOCK as it has been very easy to use.I like the idea that you can preview on just one screen an employee’s leave for the year.I’m really glad we purchased the SMARTCLOCK,we should have done it ages ago.
Chantelle Crook
Having three remote businesses that are managed from a Head Office we are finding the SMARTCLOCK a great tool to manage wages.  Not only can we see who is clocked In/Out but our General Managers know we are monitoring and it is causing them to watch their wages very closely.With our old system it was too easy for employees who did not clock In/Out to have the General Manager make an adjustment on-site.  We now require the employee to email Head Office if they have forgotten to clock In/Out.  It is amazing how the employees have taken to the clock as we have hardly had any employee forget since implementing the SMARTCLOCK whereas prior we had multiple no clocks in/outs per day.What do you like most about SMARTCLOCK? The ability to log in on any web browser and see who is in/out and the ease of setting up a new employee or amending details.
Trevor Sidley
Monkey Mania
The SMARTCLOCK has made our payroll processing easier to calculate and process each week. It also ensures accurate clock-in and clock-out times.One central point for collection of times makes it easy keep track of employees’ hours. The network capabilities make it very simple to collect the data.What do you like most about SMARTCLOCK? Ease of setup and use. They are very simple to combine to your existing network.
Ken Crawford
Martensite Australia
The SMARTCLOCK was very easily setup on our network. We were impressed with the speed and ease of setup and were able to get the solution up and running in less than 2 hours. The SMARTCLOCK has replaced a PC based time and attendance solution that was troublesome and required the PC to be always on and had a high yearly license fee.Recently, I was able to connect to the CS time clock while overseas. This allowed me to generate reports and process my staff’s weekly pays quickly and easily and get back to my holiday.

Hans Krug
The SMARTCLOCK has made calculating wages a lot easier. It also allows me to track if my workers are arriving on time and if they are leaving at the correct time.What do you like most about the SMARTCLOCK? The ease of being able to download all the info onto my USB drive within seconds. Exporting it to excel is also an excellent feature.

Koras Group Pty Ltd