What clocking methods can be used on the Smartclock?
The Smartclock3350 allows proximity cards or pin numbers to be used for clocking. The Smartclock3370 allows fingerprint, proximity cards or pin numbers to be used. It also allows combinations of these to be used per individual employee if necessary.
I don’t have a PC network in place. Can the clock operate as a standalone unit?
Yes, the clock can be configured using the menus on the clock itself. Clocking data can be exported to a USB flash disk and imported to excel if needed.
How do I access the Onboard Time and Attendance software?
The Smartclock works with most internet browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Check product details for minimum versions.
Can I access the clocking unit from a remote location e.g. my home or a different office?
Yes, providing your internet infrastructure supports it.
I’ve bought products like this in the past and discovered that it was very poorly supported or not at all. Why is your product different?
Our products are developed in South Africa for the South African market. This website is the online channel for Eco Time Technology and all our products are backed by them. They have over 20 years’ experience in this industry.
Why is it important that your products are locally manufactured?
As with most electronics these days, most clocking units are imported from the East. Most small vendors will ship their clocks back to the East for repairs which is time consuming and expensive. Our clocks are repaired locally which means it is cheaper and quicker.
I’m hesitant about buying a fingerprint clock. What if my employees’ fingerprints don’t read? Does this happen a lot?
Any fingerprint type clock relies heavily on the quality of the fingerprints. Believe it or not, there are people out there that have very little fingerprint data (and in some case no fingerprints!). We recognise this fact and have deigned our clocks to be as flexible as possible. We can set the sensitivity of the reader per individual, we can allow some staff to clock with a card/pin and fingerprint (this combination enables the clock to be more accurate) and as a last resort an employee can use a card or pin only.


Can I limit supervisors to only access employees and their data who fall in the supervisors department?
Yes. Assigning a supervisor to a particular department, will limit the supervisors’ access to employees in this department only.Supervisors can un-assign an employee from the supervisor’s department or assign an unassigned employee to the supervisor’s department. A supervisor cannot assign an employee to a department other than the supervisor’s department. Only administrators can do this.
Does the CS Time clock support formatted exports for specific payrolls?
Yes, the Smartclock supports payroll extract formats for the most popular Payroll packages. These can be configured in the Setup Menu’s “Payroll Extract Format” option.
Does the CS Time Clock support sirens.
Yes. The Smartclock can trigger an unlimited amount of sirens at ANY time for each day day of the week. The duration of the sirens can be set for each siren entry as well.
Does the Smartclock support employee leave management?
Yes, each employee has a leave calendar displaying leave entries for various types of leave.
I don’t know my clock’s IP address. How do I find it?
A: On the physical clock, call up the menu by pressing the # key. Select Menu Option 2 (Enquiry) and the then Sub Menu option 2 (Clock Info) again. To scroll through each screen quickly, press the # key again. The fourth screen will display the clock IP address.
I have just added an employee on the clock, how do I ensure his clocking direction on the clock will be correct if the employee is already on site?
You can adjust the employee’s current TNA or Access status on site in the employee master file. Or you can manually add a clocking for the employee via the web interface or on the clock, as he is already on site.
I have two or more clocks on my network. How do I get these clocks to update employee clocking direction between each other?
You would have to upgrade you clock firmware to version 1.15 or higher. 2. Enable the Hardware menu (if it is not already available) by selecting the tick box for option “Enable Advanced Hardware Options”, which can be found in the Setup Menu, Option “Clock Setup”. 3. Select the “Peer Clocks” option in the Hardware menu. 4. Add all the clocks’ ip addresses, for which you want to synchronize clocking directions, to this list. The default port will always be 5123. 5. TIP: Always include the current clocks IP address in the “Peer List” 6. NOTE: Only employee directions are updated. NOT employee master files and clocking data.
I logged in to the CS Time Clock web interface, but can only see my details and the My Time Menu
You are entered as a normal user with no supervisor or administrative authority (these are set in the employee master file). Your access is therefore restricted to your clockings, hours and leave records only.
 I want to restore an older backup on a newer clock version. Are backups always forwards compatible?
 Older version datasets are upgraded on newer clocks during a restore and thus forwards compatible.
   If I change an employee clocking on the Web Interface, will the employee’s next clocking direction automatically be updated on the clock?
   Yes. An employee will clock with an updated direction on the clock, if you add a later clocking than the employee’s last clocking, or delete or change the employees last clocking,
  Pin 9970 on the Smartclock does not work
  This occurs when: 1. Card number 9970 has been deleted. 2. Supervisor 9970 has been deleted. 3. TNA has been connected to the clock and removed supervisor 9970Supervisor 9970 exists on the clock, but pin 9970 cannot authorise clock admin functions1. Verify that supervisor 9970 is a supervisor by logging into the clock’s web interface using your normal supervisor login. Open the master file and check if supervisor is selected. 2. Check if the supervisor 9970 still has a pin/card number of 9970 assigned to him.
 The clock web update fails.
 This occurs when the clock cannot download the update from the web. Either 1.the website is busy or 2. the clock does not have access to the internet. So if an update fails, try again after about 10 minutes and if it fails again, check that your clock’s network settings are correct.
When type of siren can the Smartclock trigger and what is the voltage rating of the siren.
The siren relay on the Smartclock is rated to 250V, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use a Siren Interface for sirens, bells or whistles rated higher than 12V. The siren interface protects your investment in the CS Time Clock and isolates it from shortages or malfunctions, should they occur in the attached siren or bell.
What power voltage does the Smartclock require to run?
The Smartclock uses two rails. One is 5VDC and the other is 12VDC. These voltages are supplied from the external power supply.
When I tag on the clock, the buzzer does not make a sound, but the lights and display work.
Check that your clock is not in silent mode. You can change this via the web interface in the “Hardware Menu” and “Child Clocks Options.”