You have 3 options to get more acquainted with the Smartclock.

You can either explore a live Smartclock, view a Youtube demonstration video or take a Hardware and Software tour of the Smartclock


Would you like to log onto a LIVE SMARTCLOCK and explore further?
By following these simple instructions you can! Click on this link

  1. You will be presented with a logon screen. Type “9970” for login and “password” for password.
  2. You will then be presented with the home screen. You are welcome to explore the features and tabs you see on the homescreen (note that some features may be disabled to protect the integrity of the data on the clock).
  3. Alternatively you can view some actual data on the clock. To do this clock on the “clockings” button on the left and in the fields on top of the page clockings page enter a “from date”  and a “to date” . You can now see what actual clocking data looks like on the Smartclock. If you would like assistance with this demonstration please call us on the number listed on the “Contact” page.

To view the YOUTUBE VIDEO demonstration click on this link
Note that the demo refers to the CSTimeclock. This is the international brand name for the Smartclock and is exactly the same clock.

 To take a HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE TOUR of the Smartclock click here